Charm of Mád

Charm of Mád


The wonders of nature, the historical monuments evoking the past, the local gastronomy, the authentic craft community and, of course, the beautiful wines of the traditional wine cellars – what else could a traveler want to relax, unwind and recharge.

Walk, cycle or hike, discover natural treasures! Immerse in the local specialties, traditions and spiritual life. Come and visit us with your friends or family in Mád. The area of ​​the historical Tokaj wine region, which has been declared as a world heritage site will surely meet your expectations.


Let us give you some hints and tips!



Mádi Kúria

Should you be looking for cultural-historical experience, start by exploring the patinated building of the mansion. The beautiful two-storey building was built in 1907. In 1930, the financial institution moved to Szerencs city, so the building on the Rákóczi Ferenc street stood empty for a while. Then, during the 2nd World War, the air defense guard moved to its rooms. After the war, the building of the bank was deprivatized. There were living quarters and flats in it. In the early 1950s, the post office moved to the ground floor, and later the Maternal and Child Care Center was located here. The Kúria Hotel opened in the center of Mád, next to the Mayor’s Office, in the mansion building, which was tastefully and beautifully renovated in 2005. Its cozy courtyard is divided by the Mádi creek. The barbecue terrace of the mansion opened on the left bank of the creek by the pool of Mádi Kúria.


From Synagogue to Kosher Wine
on the Trail of the Wonder-Working Rabbis

The flourishing wine culture of the area attracted many, mostly Galician Jewish settlers in the 17th and 18th century. The first Jewish settlers were vine-growers and wine-makers. With the growth of the population, their role became increasingly important in local trade and industry. They built synagogues, baths and yeshivas. After World War II, the community disappeared and these buildings were abandoned. The impressive, Zopf-style Mád synagogue was barely saved from destruction at the turn of the Millennium. The synagogue was reconstructed as a monument and received a Europa Nostra Award. The building features in a U.S. published book of the 100 most beautiful synagogues in the world.


Cheese Manufactory of Mád

“In the family cheese shop, cow and goat cheeses matured with great care are made from fresh milk. Their cows graze in the neighboring ecovillage, a nature reserve surrounded by mountains with oaks and mountain meadows rich in herbs. From pure and quality milk, Mádi Cheese has such a unique and characteristic taste, which is why their regular customers return. They also produce cheese candies with various spices and seeds and cheesecakes from thick yoghurt with blue cheese Aszú jelly.”


Herbs and spices garden of Mád

“In the Leskó herbs and spices garden you can taste Tokaj wines, get to know refreshing herbs and spices from the guide of István Leskó. Have you already heard about the Gravetti culture? If you visit Lesko’s garden, you can immerse in the mysteries of the most important archaeological culture of the Upper Paleolithic, as well as in the historical data of viticulture collected with engineering precision. Admire the gurgling goldfish, the kittens basking in the sunshine, take a walk in the fragrant garden! ”


Soap Manufacture of Mád

“If you want to pamper your skin, visit Hegyalja Soap Manufacture. Among the handycrafted soaps, everyone will find their own world of fragrance, color and style. Manufactured soaps are made using herbs, spices and various vegetable oils.”



Wines of Mád




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